Our Review Policy

Books Boys Like is always eager for the opportunity to comment on both new and classic literature for young men.  If you'd like to suggest a book for review, or if you'd like to submit a review you've written about your own favorite book, please email us at jamesvachowski@gmail.com.  

Books Boys Like is able to accept both paper books and e-books for review, although we reserve the right to decline a review for any reason.  We also reserve the right to return a book without posting a review in the event that we could not honestly recommend it to our readers.  We do not accept any form of compensation for our reviews, with the exception of the advance reading copies provided by publishers.

Our reviews are completely subjective, and they will include our honest thoughts on a book.  Finished reviews will be posted on this website, as well as Goodreads, Amazon, and any other sites you request.  Our finished reviews may also be quoted freely for publicity purposes.  In the case of new releases, we will also work to time our reviews around an author's release schedule.

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