Sunday, January 21, 2018

Billionaire Boy, by David Walliams

Joe Spud is the richest boy in the country.  As the heir to his father’s multi-billion-dollar toilet paper empire, Joe has enough money to buy anything.  He’s got a full-size race car, an orangutan butler and all the chocolate he can eat.  In fact, you could probably say that Joe has everything… except for a friend.  In an effort to break out of his depression, Joe convinces his father to let him transfer from his elite private academy to a public school where no one knows him.  As he revels in his newfound anonymity, though, Joe learns that there’s no true way for him to run from his problems!

This hilarious book was an extremely quick read, no doubt due to its awesome pen-and-ink illustrations and the epic number of lists incorporated into the story.  The book is a great way to show that everyone has problems, even kids who seem like they’re doing well on the outside.  I’d recommend this one as a particularly good choice for reluctant readers, but it’s also suitable for anyone in need of a good belly laugh!  

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